When I had the idea for my blog a few months ago I knew there was someone I wanted to feature, my friend Marshay. Over the years Marshay and I have had conversations about everything under the sun. We have discussed everything from relationships to politics, but more recently the topic of mental health came to the forefront.
About a year ago she gave birth to her first 
child, a baby boy, Isaiah. 
We were excited to welcome Isaiah into the world and watch Marshay blossom into the most amazing mom ever. Like most new moms, I’m not sure she was aware of everything moms had to go through. I remember when she first started describing her symptoms a few weeks after giving birth. It was a mix of emotions – everything from happiness,
sadness,fear, anger and more. 
A few months later she mentioned that she was being referred to a therapist for postpartum depression and anxiety. I was familiar with depression and it’s symptoms, but I had no idea about postpartum depression. Of course, I had the word on T.V. a few times, but Marshay’s struggle made me want to get a better idea of this type of depression. What was postpartum depression??
Recently, I sat down with Marshay and she shared her story of motherhood and coping with postpartum depression. I recorded our conversation to share with you so you could hear her experience from her lips. Listen to our conversation below and on the very first episode of “ A Mental Break with Delano” podcast. It’s available to stream everywhere where you listen to podcasts (including Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher).


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